Review: Evald Ilyenkov’s “Intelligent Materialism”

In a sentence, Intelligent Materialism is Ilyenkov's attempt to defend the standpoint of a future, communist cosmology. In one sense, Ilyenkov's cosmology is classical (following the pre-Socratics) as inquiry into the logos of the cosmos. However, the triad Spinoza-Hegel-Marx makes up for the anemia of prior, purely contemplative cosmologies. First, common to all three, we … Continue reading Review: Evald Ilyenkov’s “Intelligent Materialism”

from the activity of logic to the logic of activity

Speculative thought is important, and unless you are doing speculative thought you are not doing any thought at all. You are only playing about. CLR James, "Lectures on the Black Jacobins" I knew little about Ilyenkov when I began to read him, but immediately fell in love with his anger and acumen. [1] This is … Continue reading from the activity of logic to the logic of activity


If the newly discovered W.E.B. Du Bois science-fiction short story “Princess Steel” (published and introduced in 2015 by Adrienne Brown and Britt Rusert) has been dated correctly and was, in fact, written sometime between 1908-1910, this would mean Du Bois had drawn up schematics for a communist supercomputer before IBM was even formed. Du Bois’ … Continue reading FAIRY TALES TOLD BY A COMMUNIST SUPER-COMPUTER

“Transcontinental” by Richard Wright, 1936

Transcontinental (For Louis Aragon, in praise of Red Front) Through trembling waves of roadside heatWe see the cool green of golf coursesLong red awnings catching sunshineSlender rainbows curved above spirals of water Swaying hammocks slung between trees Like in the movies . . . America who built this dream Above the ceaseless hiss of passing … Continue reading “Transcontinental” by Richard Wright, 1936