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Never written an editorial post before on here, so–hello! I’m Crane, a lapsed philosophy academic and adjunct currently working in the Chicago area. At the risk of carrying my education out in public, I’m planning to publish short entries here bi-weekly as I try to get a handle on Marxism and radical traditions of thought more broadly. So far on this blog, I’ve published a loving and lengthy paraphrase of Adorno’s “Society” essay, two entries on Evald Ilyenkov’s Intelligent Materialism (one an imaginary preface to the collection, another as a citation-less review of the book as a whole), and I re-published a utopian analysis (blatantly imitating Fredric Jameson and Mark Fisher) of Du Bois’ early short story “The Princess Steel” I wrote in 2018. I’m currently working on a post about the coincidence of Marx’s point of departure in the 1844 Manuscripts (or Paris Notebooks, technically) and Deleuze and Guattari’s point of departure in Anti-Oedipus, which should be up soon. You can contact me through my email at or on twitter @migrated_crane, feel free to hit me up if you ever want to talk!

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